Why choose organic products?

Organic products are clean food, more nutritious and without pesticide residues.

They have a high nutritional value, richer in vitamins (vitamin C, carotenoids) and minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) and taste like the food we ate from grandma in the village, as they are collected when they are ripe with all the flavors.

They have a guarantee of authenticity, because they are controlled and certified by approved organizations, which give their stamp only to genuine organic products.

They are always fresh, since the production quantities are limited.

They contain more antioxidants, thus protecting the body from the occurrence of serious diseases.

From our organic farming

No preservatives or dyes

100% organic pomegranate juice


The juicing

Upon entering the laboratory, our pomegranates, after strict sorting, are washed to make the juicing. The juice is bottled in our machines and placed in the freezer within 10 minutes.

We use pomegranates exclusively from our own pomegranate trees, avoiding other collaborations. Our company does not offer its pomegranates for fresh consumption. As a result, our juice is made from the best pomegranates of our trees and not from 3rd category fruits as usual.

Respecting the natural beneficial properties of pomegranate, its taste and wanting to offer you a pure and nutritious product, we do not use the slightest heat treatment, nor preservatives or diluents and we use the whole pomegranate with the peel to produce the juice.

The production and bottling unit is certified and checked daily for the quality of its products.




The juice is always characterized by its excellent taste and excellent quality. We are constantly improving our performance aiming exclusively at customer satisfaction. Thus, the organic cultivation of our lands contributes to the fact that our juice maintains its high nutritional value without pesticide residues.

Organic products have a high nutritional value and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain more antioxidants shielding the body and protecting it from the onset of serious diseases.

Our company is certified by DIO Organization for organic farming and organic juice on our privately owned properties. We also implement a food hygiene system with ISO 22000:2018 certification (Haccp) for production, bottling and retail distribution of juice.


We take care of the Environment

Our company actively participates in the Project of the Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company.

ρόιδων γη - βιολογικος φυσικος χυμος ροδι


Points of Sale

Our company has a presence almost nationwide as it cooperates with three large supermarket chains, one of which sell only organic products.

You will also find us in selected organic stores, delicatessens and traditional grocery stores throughout Greece.

Our presence is expanding in the international market as we co-operate with stores in Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany.

Look for us in the freezers!!


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